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STMT DIY Jewelry Dish Kit

STMT DIY Jewelry Dish Kit

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Paint and create your own jewelry dishes to hold your favorite accessories in style! Complete with a moon-shaped jewelry dish, a sea shell jewelry dish, glitter, paintbrushes, and 7 different metallic paints the STMT D.I.Y. Jewelry Dish has everything you need to create 2 custom accessory trays. Mix and match golds, yellows, greens, blues, oranges, pinks, and purples to make the details pop on both of the ceramic dishes use the rounded brush for large, wide strokes or the flat brush for chiseled, more detailed lines. Create tie-dye effects by swirling colors around in your dish, then add a little extra sparkle with the glitter shaker that keeps you in control of how much you add. Whether you use them as a décor piece to add a pop of color to your nightstand or vanity or keep them for holding rings, bracelets, headphones, and other trinkets the STMT D.I.Y. Jewelry Dish has everything you need to make a style #STMT!

  • 9 X 2 X 11
  • This D.I.Y. Jewelry Dish set comes with 2 ready-to-paint dishes in the cutest little shapes, including a half-moon and a seashell customize them with premium metallic acrylic paints and glitter!
  • Small enough to keep on a bedside table but large enough to hold your favorite accessories and other keepsakes all these ceramic jewelry dishes need are your creative touch! Use two different paintbrushes and create dreamy tie-dye designs and intricate patterns, or keep them simply charming with a single-color, chromatic aesthetic!
  • Set Includes: 7 Metallic Acrylic Paint Jars (1 Gold, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, 1 Blue, 1 Orange, 1 Pink, 1 Purple), 2 Paintbrushes, 1 Ceramic Moon-Shaped Jewelry Dish (4.875 in. x 3.675 in.), 1 Ceramic Sea Shell Jewelry Dish (4.95 in. x 4.84 in.), 1 Glitter Shaker (3g), Easy-to-Follow Instructions
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